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    Are Images Better Than Text

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        Its seems that while the internet used to be made up of simple text it has grown way past that and now images make for a great web page. However, how powerful are images overall? This info graphic by MDG Advertising demonstrates just powerful the image has become and how you can use… Read more »

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    Making A Success of Pinterest

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        It may sound easy to become an overnight success on the latest hot social site Pinterest! However, it is not like that at all, it is not just a matter of uploading your images, or pinning images from your favourite sites and hoping for the best, there is more to Pinterest success than… Read more »

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    Street View Tracks TARDIS Through Time

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        If ever there was any evidence that time travel, aliens and UFO’s were even remotely true, it would show up somewhere on the search giant Google! Well it seems that is true, as these images show. The Street View shot has got an image from the past superimposed onto it showing what the… Read more »

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    Five Minutes Of Assassins Creed III Game Play Action

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        Welcome to America, finally the one of the coolest games around, Assassins Creed III, has landed in the new world and yet, apart from the scenery and the language, nothing else has changed much! Our man still glides around taking out the bad guys on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. Just out… Read more »

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    Sharing Photos Is Easy With Scalados PhotoBeamer

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        It has become so much easier to share images between devices, thanks to the PhotoBeamer app from Scalado! This app allows the user to flick an image from any device running Apple’s iOS 5 OS to any display that is capable of running a browser, which today can include many new televisions and… Read more »

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    Facebook Launches iPhone Camera App

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        The idea coming out of the Facebook ideas factory is an app for the iPhone, it is simply called Facebook Camera and it promises to bring to the device, a whole new outlook on how the iPhone user manages their images and the best thing about this app, is that its free and… Read more »

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    How Important Are Images For Search

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        If it were not for images, the internet and more to the point websites would be very boring. Therefore, the images are important to the user of the website who is looking for information and for the website owner who wants his or her website to be a total success, by which we… Read more »

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    Make Your Messages More Interesting With DIY GIFs

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        Here is an app that is bound to bring a smile or two to your family or friends! It works by the user simply taking a photo on the iPhone and manipulating it into something rather amusing with no fuss at all, it is worth every penny! Its called the MyFaceWhen iPhone app and… Read more »

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    The Camera Thats Prints What It Sees

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        Here is a camera that offers something a bit a different from what you might normally expect from a camera, because instead of just taking an image this camera will actually describe what it sees and then prints it out on request. this could be a real handy addition to any photographers tool… Read more »

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    A New Kind Of Social Networking

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        There is a lot of talk these days about how we do not know our neighbours or indeed our neighbourhood, but maybe we should, wouldn’t that make out lives so much better? Well if you think like that then maybe Neighborland is for you, it is a new kind of social network that… Read more »

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    The Genie For Motion Control Video

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        This is something that many photographers and filmmakers would give a lot to their hands on. However, the Genie is not currently on sale as it is in the early fundraising stages with Kickstarter, although it has already gone past the funding goal by a long way and there are still seven weeks… Read more »

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    Trailer Released For The Dark Knight Rises

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        It is not long to wait to wait now before the next instalment of the Batman series is released and as such, we can expect to be seeing some serious marketing beforehand. In this case, it is trailer number three and probably the most revealing of all so far. This movie is darker… Read more »

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    New Features For Google Maps

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        Google have announced some interesting changes to Google Maps, the most interesting of which is the Photo Tour feature. This allows the users to search out famous landmarks from the fifteen thousand popular locations around the world, once there, the user presses the “Take a photo tour” to see a 3D image of… Read more »

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    Teachers Making Use Of Pinterest

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        Like many of the other social media sites, available Pinterest has its fans and those who do not like it all. However, as with all social media each has its own place in the social networking world. Pinterest is one of those sites that you either get or you don’t, for people who… Read more »

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    Pinterest Can Be Very Addictive

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        The next big thing in social media is the image sharing site Pinterest, it was launched in September 2011 and already it has over sixteen million active users. However, currently these users are only spending around ninety eight minutes per month on the site as compared to seven hours on the social network… Read more »