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    First Images For Assassin’s Creed III

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        Well it seems like the rumours are right and that Assassin’s Creed III will be taking place in America right in the middle of the American Revolutionary War, which took place between 1775 and 1783.     The images are supposedly part of the games box set posted on Facebook by Ubisoft. However,… Read more »

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    This Clock Has Pixels To Share

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        For once your monitor does not need adjusting; the pixelated image you see in front of you is actually how this cool Pixel Time clock looks in real life! It is a smart looking thing though that almost everyone can relate to as most of us have come across the odd pixelated image… Read more »

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    First Images From J.J. Abrams Star Trek

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        This is something that all Star Trek fans have been waiting for, it’s the first images from Star Trek 2, we call it that because as of yet it has not been given a proper title. J.J. Abrams has managed to keep the lid on this for a while, but now some images… Read more »

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    Porsche Put Two Million Facebook Faces On A Cayman S

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      What better way could there be for Porsche to celebrate hitting two million fans on Facebook than putting all of their faces onto the bodywork of a new Cayman S! Well as you can see from the images, that is exactly what Porsche have done and the car itself is on show in the Porsche… Read more »

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    Print Off Smartphone Images In Seconds

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      This is a handy device that allows the Smartphone owner to simply connect their device and print off images directly from the Smartphone’s image album in seconds. This is a purpose designed printer so that the quality of the image is photo quality, which is better than some desk top printers. Here are the… Read more »

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    Star Wars Image Mash Up

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    Run a star wars competition and you are almost certainly guaranteed to be onto a winner, fans just cannot help themselves. So when Freaking News ran contest to find the best mash up of Star Wars and any other TV show or movie they must have been inundated with entries. Here are just six of… Read more »

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    Download Full Size Photos From Google+ Now

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    User power has helped Google decide to roll out a new feature that will allow the users of Google Plus to download full size images. In order to see this feature in action you will need to get into “Lightbox” mode, which can be found in “Actions”, positioned down in the right hand corner, that… Read more »

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    Slingshot Camera Captures Priceless Images

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    Imagine walking along minding your own business when some steps out and aims a slingshot at your face, your expression is probably not going to be your best and so if the slingshot just happened to be a digital camera the facial image would be that of somebody who is about to be shot at… Read more »

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    Google Celebrates Thirteen Years Without A Doodle

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    It has been a long tradition that for anniversaries, events and special occasions Google come up with a doodle, so seeing, as it is Google 13th birthday, we were expecting something cool and we got it, an image of a party, with cake, balloons and of course candles to celebrate the official Google birthday on… Read more »

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    Post Images On Twitter Via MMS

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    It has now become easier to send images from a mobile or Smartphone direct to a Twitter account, could this now be the easiest way to share images on the internet? The sharing feature uses the under used Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), which for a couple of years has been virtually idle, but this announcement… Read more »

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    Here is 8 Bit Tron

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    This is just how games used to be, so I am told you understand! This cool 8 Bit version of Tron. This is a longer version of the 8 Bit Themed Tron Legacy animation by Pierre Manry. These little animations are really cool especially when they are as long as this one, but there is… Read more »