EyeEm The Photo Sharing App And Marketplace!

EyeEm Photo Sharing App!

EyeEm Photo Sharing App!

There are quite a few similar photo sharing apps around at the moment, but there are not many that offer the users a chance to sell their content for some real cash money, no promises, no guess work just actual cash. It’s a good deal for buyers too as all too often there are a lot of restrictions on using images etc. EyeEm is an interesting entrant to the photo sharing experience with an active community, editing functions and a marketplace where individuals and businesses are able to offering content for sale for just $20 on a standard license agreement.

Community photo competitions get you more exposure and help develop your artistic style. Submit your work to win prizes and get published worldwide through our exciting partnerships.

EyeEm Photo Sharing App!

The price provides the buyer with unlimited impressions on websites, social media, adverts and even in print. For $250, all of the limitations are lifted allowing the image to be used on a wider market such as TV and T Shirts, so the sky is the limit and it works for both content buyers and providers. The EyeEm app is available for Android and iOS powered devices, it can be downloaded for free from Google Play and iTunes.

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Microscopes and Their Burgeoning Forms of Technology

Microscopes and Their Burgeoning Forms of Technology

There is a common misconception that microscopes have a limited set of functions, the primary one being cell-inspection. But, with burgeoning new technologies, these instruments are now able to perform so much more than the general public had ever imagined. The following are a number of different microscopes’ functions. Hopefully, this information will expand a general understanding of what has proven to be an incredibly valuable scientific tool.

Image Capturing

The conventional microscopes that the general public often think of are not equipped with the ability to capture an image of the subject matter they examine. But, the newest variation on a microscope, now termed an optical inspection system, enables the observer to take high-quality photos of the object the individual is observing. This has greatly improved the experiments that scientists are able to perform as image capturing has become a new form of scientific documentation.

Macro Video Controls

These image capturing microscopes are now able to perform other roles, and take technology one step further. Beyond simply taking pictures, microscopes are now able to take macro-level videos of their observational material, too.

This new function works wonders in an educational context. Professors of all different subjects embrace this videoing function, as it provides a magnified narrative of complex subject matter, whether to demonstrate the dissection of animals or show the separation of cells.

Improvements to the Conventional Microscope

In many ways, novel microscopes look like brand new instruments. But, instead of simply defining their new features, it seems significant to highlight the improvements that have been made to the classical model of microscope. These improvements include what is called a detented zoom control. This feature allows an individual to not only magnify microscopic matter but to do so in a regimented, measured way. This zoom control enables the individual to measure the actual dimensions of the object being examined which is incredibly useful in a scientific context. These new and improved systems are also equipped with a feature that renders them distortion free. This not only magnifies the matter they examine, but it maintains a high-quality image.

Microscopes have come a long way since their inception, and they remain a vital tool in classrooms, workshops and laboratories around the world. If you engage in work that requires microscopic vision and attention to detail, it would be in your best interest to take advantage of all the features that these instruments have to offer.

IKEA Create A Keyboard Of Furniture Emoticons!

IKEA Emoji Emoticon Keyboard App!

There are a few styles of keyboard to choose from these days for your Smartphone, but nothing like the one created by the furniture and lifestyle brand IKEA to encourage people to communicate more freely. They have managed to create a style that combines emoji and emoticons that fit in with their style in order to help the user express their current feelings in a stylish manner. So you might be thinking what is this kind of thing going to be used for? Well, for one it could make communications easier between couples and friends, after all it easier with a picture, just image all of the arguments caused through people getting the wrong idea.

Men and women have always found difficulty in communication. In the home situation misunderstandings occur most around clutter. And that is why IKEA introduces Emoticons: a communication tool to ensure universal love and understanding in your home. All your hints, desires and questions will be understood right away. They will even bring a smile to the faces you love!

The free IKEA app can be found on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS devices.

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Bunkr Relaunches As A PowerPoint Killer!

Bunkr The Presentation App!

The French start up Bunkr has been around for a few years now and finally is launching itself as web based presentation provider. This is a sort of turnaround for Bunkr as they try to make use of internet in order to provide many features that are not even available on PowerPoint, hence their marketing claims. Well you have to aim high right from the start don’t you! The name might a few years old, but everything else you see and use will be new, they have built the new Bunkr from scratch and that is a great feature on its own.

At the end of the day, it will come down to usability and this where Bunkr is able to take on PowerPoint. Bunkr is faster and more powerful when creating a big presentation. There are a lot reason why people would not want to use a new presentation model, but why not this is completely new and offers the user a better selection of features than any other service provider can. The great news is you can get started with Bunkr for free simply sign up using your Facebook or Google+ account and you are then good to go, what have you got to lose?

Bunkr The Presentation App!

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Wickr It’s Your Top Secret Messenger!

There are lots of messenger apps around at the moment, but not many that offer you the chance to escape from the internet. With Wickr you are guaranteed that your privacy stays private and yet you are able to send images, video and text, edit your content using filters and other tools, as well as share your stuff with in your Wickr feed, so could this be the app that every security conscious Smartphone owner has been waiting for, let’s take a closer look. However, the most important feature of Wickr is security and safety. Users are anonymous, theirs contacts are not uploaded, they do not sell data or store details of your IP address either. Basically, if you want security then the free Wickr app has to be worth taking a closer look at.

The Wickr team is made up of security and privacy experts dedicated to building a strong social system around the world by providing private communications to everyone. Wickr is headquartered in San Francisco.

So this app is for anyone who values security and privacy. The good news keeps coming too, because it’s a free app available for Android and iOS powered devices from Google Play and iTunes.

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Facebook Updates Slingshot To Compete With Snapchat!

Facebook Updates Slingshot To Compete With Snapchat!

Slingshot is nothing new; Facebook launched it back in the summer as place where users can share images of real events as they happen. However, since the launch, there has been a bit of feedback from users and Facebook have taken notice, so this is the new Slingshot and it has some interesting new features to play with. Originally, the idea was that you sent an image to your friends and they were only able to view it by sending an image back, it is a fair swap. Now Slingshot works a bit more like apps such as Snapchat, you can follow friends and share an image that goes into a feed, then viewers can see the image by posting an image of their own.

Facebook Updates Slingshot To Compete With Snapchat!

The images will stick around for either 24 hours or until they are viewed, but users are able to skip through images and comment on them as they view. Slingshot is a much better app now, it offers more features and functions than before, and it also has the advantage of being linked to Facebook. This app is free and available from Google Play for Android devices and iTunes for iOS devices.

Facebook Updates Slingshot To Compete With Snapchat!

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