Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

It makes no difference how old your email account is or come to think of it how it is used, it is a fact that somehow SPAM will find its way into your inbox and if you are busy it… Continue Reading →

Gmail Users To Get Full Screen Compose Page

It seems that composing an email in Gmail is not big enough, that little box that opens up in the bottom right hand corner just does not seem to do it for some people! Well, as usual Google have been… Continue Reading →

Your Message In Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook Inbox For A $100

Get Twitter Digest Direct To Your Inbox

    It looks as if there is more to come from the micro blogging site Twitter as they launch a new feature where the user is able to get the best of the Twitter in a weekly email. This… Continue Reading →

Email Is Forty Years Old This Month

It may seem unbelievable, but the first email was sent in October 1971, legend has it that is was of course, “QWERTY” and therefore it makes this month the fortieth anniversary of the first email being sent, some people may… Continue Reading →

Hotmail accounts wiped out

The world’s most popular free email service, Hotmail from MSN is a little less popular now than it was a few weeks ago, due the fact that many users have been complaining that their entire Hotmail account has been wiped… Continue Reading →

1 in 20 employees in trouble over email

It seems that sending a funny, rude or personal email while at work, can get you into a lot of trouble and in some cases sending an email could lead to the sack. According to figures released by the Press… Continue Reading →

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