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    Draw Something Gets Attention From Zynga

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        The social drawing game Draw Something from the US based OMGPOP may not be a household name, but with thirty million downloads and the rumour that the Farmville games developer Zynga may be lining OMGPOP for a takeover it may not be too long before Draw Something is on the tip everyone’s tongue!… Read more »

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    Telegraph’s New iPhone & Android Apps

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        The Telegraph will be launching new apps for Android and iOS powered devices to provide news, features, images and video. It all sounds too good to be free and that would be right. Because after the trial period there is going to be subscription service, so Telegraph subscribers will get the content free… Read more »

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    Now No One Can Hear You Sing

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        At first glance, this device appears like something you would expect find in a hospital, but in reality, it has an important role to play as it can save the hearing of the people around you. This is the noiseless karaoke microphone for iOS devices, it may look crazy but it is better… Read more »

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    Max Payne Coming To A Smartphone Soon

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        Slowly over time, Max Payne has built up a massive fan base and it could be getting much larger when finally, the game turns up on Android and iOS powered devices. The timeline is not exactly known, but within the next few months this game will be ready for purchase and the game… Read more »

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    IBM’s First Ever Game Is Now On iTunes

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      Back in the good old days of 8 Bit, the first computer game designed for a PC was Donkey! It is a driving game where you have to avoid the donkey in the road, not impressed! Well it was co-written by someone called Bill Gates and now it is available for you to play… Read more »

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    Get Ready For Battlefield 3: Aftershock!

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      It was a while ago when EA Games first mentioned that Battlefield 3: Aftershock was heading for the iTunes Store in the US, but some months later it has arrived and it is not offering all of the features that they promised. However, never the less this is a great game to play on… Read more »

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    Reckless Racing 2 Now Available For iOS and Android

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      The much awaited follow up to Reckless Racing by Polarbit has finally been released to iTunes and the Android Market. Originally, it was expected late last year, but it is here now and it has to be said is looking good. Players get to choose from eighteen cars and twenty four routes that will… Read more »

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    Play Ultimate Battle Zombies On iOS Devices

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      Riptide Games have released their Ultimate Battle Zombies games on iTunes so that the owners of iPhones and iPods can enjoy a different kind of zombie! These guys are kept as pets and the owners pit them against each other in a battle series that ends with the Ultimate Battle. This is a free… Read more »

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    Angry Birds Are Back With Year of the Dragon

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      If you thought that you had heard the last of those Angry Birds, then you are surely mistaken. Because the Finland based games developer Rovio are celebrating the Chinese New Year with a new game called quite rightly ‘Year of the Dragon’ with fifteen exiting levels. Now for Android users it is free, but… Read more »

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    How Is The Security On iOS and Android Devices

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      As Smartphone’s become part of everyday life, the question of security will pop up occasionally and this is especially important for users who bank and shop using their Smartphone. The main operating systems are Apples iOS and Google’s Android, so naturally it is prudent to take a closer look at these devices to see… Read more »

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    Android overtakes iPhone at Tesco

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    The rise of the Android powered phone continues, with the UK’s largest superstore chain, Tesco reporting that the sale of Android powered phones has passed the iPhone for the first time on the service that runs on the O2 mobile phone network. According to Graham Harris, the chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco… Read more »