Experience using a manual typewriter on your iPad with Hanx!

A lot of people swear by the manual typewriter for some reason, maybe it’s the sound, the classic looks or that you simply insert a sheet of paper and your text is printed as you type. Whatever the excitement is… Continue Reading →

The Coburns Pocketsized And Minimalist iPad Stand!

Some of the best and most popular designs are the ones that are both simple and easy to use, some of those fancy designs do not do the job properly and sometimes cost just as much as the devices they… Continue Reading →

You Can Protect Your iPad With iCorners!

There is nothing worse than seeing an expensive piece of kit being covered by a cheap plastic case, it’s not a good look and you have to wonder about how much protection you are getting, after all something made so… Continue Reading →

Some Australian iPhones Have Been Hijacked And Held To Ransom!

The iStick Flash Drive For iPad & iPhone Users!

So What Is All The Fuss About With dEXTRIS?

So A Truck A Hit You! Time For A Selfie Then!

Got An Idea Or Mission? Then You Need Adobe Voice!

Every Night Is Card Night With The Card Table App!

Before you get started with the Card Table app there are a couple of requirements such as an iPad and either a iPhone or iPod Touch. These are essential becuase the iPad becomes the card table and the devices become… Continue Reading →

So You Think Nobody Can See What You Are Looking At!

To a normal commuter this guy could be watching the news, checking his emails or searching for where to take his partner out for dinner. However, as this is an underground train the windows reflect light like a mirror, so… Continue Reading →

Its Your Power Adapter So Protect It With A Jakket!

It makes no difference if you are at a work or at home, the chances are that you and your family or work colleagues are going to have a power adapter that looks the same. However, it always seems to… Continue Reading →

Challenge The World On Trivia With QuizUp!

If you happen to turn on Daytime TV during the week, the chances are that you will see a quiz show! This is because proving how a smart you are when it comes to trivia has become very popular. In… Continue Reading →

The iTrans4mer For The iPad Owner Who Wants More!

When you buy a new iPad and unpack it from its packaging the last thing that you are going to want happen to it is that it gets a mark or scratch. So in order to protect this expensive device many… Continue Reading →

These New Cables Are Literally Awesome Cables!

If you are going to call your product Awesome then you had better make sure that it lives up to its name. The trouble is here how do you make a simple cable awesome? Well, let us take a look! The… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Never Take Your iPad To Maths Class!

There many good reasons for not using your tablet computer or smartphone in class, especially if it happens to be a maths class and the teacher has the same tablet as you do! This is what can happen! Source: Bit… Continue Reading →

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