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    How To Tell If You Are An iPhone 5 Fanboy

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    Today is the day when the much awaited and anticipated device of the year is announced, the iPhone 5 from Apple, they are having a little get together later on today and so all of the rumours and wishes for the new device will be held up to account, For today we can expect the… Read more »

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    Putting Apple Rumours Into Perspective

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    Keeping track of all the Apple rumours can become a full time job, especially when there is a major launch on the way such as the iPhone 5. So in order to keep track of the rumours and where they come from we are going to need some help! We find that the best way… Read more »

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    Get 35% Off A Cover Storee Custom Sleeve

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    Here is a nice little offer to get the weekend rocking, check out these cool recycled T Shirt sleeves and case for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Macbook. Now check out the 35% discount you can get just by quoting “TechMASH 35off” that all just a cool discount and in this current financial climate, you… Read more »

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    Thirty One Ways To Kill A Cowboy iPhone Game

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    There some very complicated and technical games on the market for the iPhone and then there are games like Ready Steady Bang by Chambers Judd. This is a neat game based on the Wild West for the iPhone, which uses that time old way of dealing with disputes, the gunfight! The game can be played… Read more »

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    So You Think You About The iPhone 5

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    The mystery of the Apple iPhone 5 will be resolved in a few weeks time when the company holds its conference and the new device is held up high by the new CEO Tim Cook, with a possible hand by Steve Jobs in there somewhere! However, until that happens we are all up in the… Read more »

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    The First animated tattoo

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    The idea of getting a tattoo fills me fear, but for some folks it is just a way a life and even so the tattoo has changed so much over the years to a point where QR codes are incorporated into the design to produce a cool animation. Check out this video, it looks kind… Read more »

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    Looking for a way to dispose of an iPhone

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    When we get new gadgets or we are normally replacing old ones! However, these older versions are then either sold as second hand or stacked up on a shelf. However, there is another way of making sure that the devices are no longer usable and that is to give them to Joerg Sprave, he seems… Read more »

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    Beer O’Bot mini fridge

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    This is something that every bachelor pad needs, it saves on time and energy, there is the saying that there is an app for that, well you can certainly say that again! Check out this video, it starts off a bit slow but the ending is a dream come true for some guys, it is the… Read more »

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    Apple work on new charging system

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    By now most of us know that Apple will be releasing a new version of the iPhone next year, but it seems that they are also looking into a new way of charging the device too! Naturally, the whole idea is under wraps, but it is believed that the new system will use some sort… Read more »

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    Stickers for your iPhone

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    So, you have bought your new iPhone 4 or in while maybe you have gone for the iPhone 5, so obviously the next thing to do is buy some stickers to put over the devices home button! Well just in this sounds like the sort of thing you would like to do, here are the… Read more »

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    Celebrating four years of the iPhone

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    It one way it seems that the iPhone has been around for much longer than four years, but its true on the 29th June 2007 Apple released the iPhone onto the market and the era of the Smartphone was born. At first, the idea of a mobile phone produced by Apple was a bit of novelty… Read more »

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    The Swoop Owl plush iPhone cover

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    This is for anyone who takes their iPhone to bed with them, yes, there are people like that around, and of course, I take my Blackberry, which is much more softer and cuddly! However, for you iPhone owners this is ideal, it cushions the device from being squashed and yet it makes it available to… Read more »

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    Cedar Docking Station for the iPhone

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    There is nothing a piece of solid wood that that has been designed to work with the latest technology. In this case, it the iconic iPhone and the piece of Cedar has been carved, cut and polished so that it is able to house two iPhones. Once in place the iPhone will synchronize with the… Read more »

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    Stop iPhone Owners Recording Live Events

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    Imagine you are a promoter of a live event and want to make the most of the revenues available to you, such as a recording of the event. However, this content is already available on social networking sites, so who will buy it now! But never mind, because as the saying goes “There is an… Read more »

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    Wake up with the Lark

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    I am lucky, as I do not need an alarm as I wake up at 2.00 am every morning, but for others getting up can be a major issue and a load alarm does nothing for the nerves either. Surely there is a better way than this, well there could be if £80 seems okay… Read more »