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    Harrods launch iPhone App

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    The world famous London store Harrods are well known for being able to get anything that their customers desire and now there is an app for that too! Harrods have launched their iPhone app that is simply called Harrods! this app allows the user to check out all of the luxury items available, there is… Read more »

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    The mini RC from iPhly

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    If you have ever those guys with remote controlled cars, boats and planes, you will know that the actual remote control devices are huge and heavy too! However, apparently it does not have to be that way, especially if you get your hands on the iPhly device that turns you iPhone into a remote control… Read more »

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    Is that Bubblegum on my iPhone?

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    This is great conversation starter, it appears to look like you have put you iPhone down onto a used piece of chewed bubble gum and pulled it up again. However, in reality this is a stand with two suction cups, one fitted to each end and finshed off in an interesting pink colour! Here are… Read more »

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    The SOS Poison iPhone App

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    Outside in the wild countryside or even the busy city streets there are plenty dangers lurking around and we are not talking about people and cars, what we are talking about is poisons and other toxic chemicals that can find their way into blood stream in a variety of way, but once bitten what do… Read more »

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    Apple attempts to cool tracking issues

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    Apple have now released an update that should cut the amount of data that the iPhone stores to just one week and will no longer send the data gathered to the user’s computer whenever it connected, this is Apples response to the issues flagged up recently concerning the tracking of handsets. The issue came to… Read more »

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    The Hive for the iPhone 4

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    So you know what the Hive device is for, but what does it do? Well this is a new device that amplifies the iPhones speaker and enlarges the devices screen. it is about to go into production so long as the team behind the device are able to get enough funding through the Kickstarter funding… Read more »

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    Charge two iProducts at once

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    Here is a cool way to charge up two Apple devices at once, this is the duaLink sync and charge splitter cable and it connects an iPhone or iPod or two of the same to the same computer, which can be very handy as many people have a couple of these devices running at the… Read more »

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    The Rolls Royce Phantom Family iPhone app

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    So you love the look of the Rolls Royce Phantom, but you may be put off by the price, but don’t despair because there is an app for that created by Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited for the discerning iPhone owner. This app allows the user to build a virtual bespoke Phantom from the wheels… Read more »

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    What is the difference between the iPhone and Android user!

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    It seems that there must be some distinct differences between the users of an Android powered phone to the user of the Apple iPhone. Naturally, the actual users will come up with the reasons as to why they think that their device is much better than the other. But we don’t want to hear about… Read more »

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    The iPhone! Green or Mean?

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    It is an amazing fact that somehow Apple have managed to generate half of all global mobile profits and yet only command four per cent of the global market place! This is definitely one of those deals that people are going to look back on from the future only to think, WOW! How the hell… Read more »

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    The Best April Fool of the Year

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    Despite the resources of Google and every other large media organisations attempts to fool us into thinking that things are not quite what they are supposed to be! The winner of the best prank of the year has to go to this guy, who altered the contacts in his wife’s phone, changing his name to… Read more »

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    Lords go for iPads

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    It seems that despites its old style image, the House of Lords is quite a connected place with a trial of hand held touchscreen devices in the chamber this means that we will see iPads, smart phones and Blackberry’s being used by members of the upper house. Lord Brabazon of Tara, the head of administration… Read more »

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    Android overtakes iPhone at Tesco

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    The rise of the Android powered phone continues, with the UK’s largest superstore chain, Tesco reporting that the sale of Android powered phones has passed the iPhone for the first time on the service that runs on the O2 mobile phone network. According to Graham Harris, the chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco… Read more »