Magnifi For The iPhone

    Here is something that will mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. However, bascially it is a scientific tool designed to help the user connect the iPhone to various scientific instruments such as microscopes, telescopes and anything else with a lens such as binoculars. It allows the user not […]

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Mud Map GPS iPhone App

      Unlike the average Sat Nav, the Mud Map app for the iPhone reaches parts of the country where other GPS powered apps fail and to anyone who loves the great outdoors; this is an app that is worth its weight in gold! This app uses the latest data from Ordnance Survey to […]

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Questli The Treasure Hunting App

Here is an app that uses GPS and other stuff that we have totally seen before being used in other apps, but this Questli does have something that is slightly interesting, the players can win cash, yes real cash! Apparently. Questli looks like a sort of treasure hunt game, where groups sign up and complete […]

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