Pre Orders For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Over 100,000!

It does not seem that long ago when the first Galaxy smartphone from Samsung was launched and now we are thinking about the fifth generation of the phone. However, it seems that there are plenty of fans out there ready… Continue Reading →

Game Of Thrones S4 May Be Coming And So Is Bacon!

With the next and much awaited season four of the Game of Thrones almost upon us; it often makes us think of winter for some strange reason. However, this year it seems to be slightly different, because apparently Bacon is… Continue Reading →

For Twenty Years The US Nuclear Launch Code Was 00000000!

Many of us have watched spy thrillers over the years where the plot was to find out the US nuclear launch codes! Well it seems that just about anybody could have cracked that one, because according to researchers into this… Continue Reading →

Turn Your Emails Into Conversations With Ping!

  Email is cool once more and it is down to a new app called Ping! It is still early days for the app; in fact, you have to go onto the Ping website to show an interest. However, the… Continue Reading →

Get Ready! The Xbox One Will Be Released On The 22nd Nov!

  So now we know, that the next big thing to come out of Microsoft, the new Xbox One, will be released and available in the stores on the 22nd Nov, which just happens to be eight years to the… Continue Reading →

The Dice+ Begins To Roll Out!

  The awaited launch of the little Dice+ gaming device has started, this palm sized cube is Bluetooth enabled and will offer users of Android and iOS powered devices a smart way of playing new games. It is interesting how… Continue Reading →

The BlueNose Smartphone Rocket Launcher!

  Launching rockets is not just done by governments or big corporations; there are plenty of amateur rocket builders out there who want a launch system that works. This is where the BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) steps up to… Continue Reading →

Need A Girlfriend? Then Get A Nexus 7!

  Google have a new Nexus on the way and according to their new TV advert, it is so cool that it will even help you get you a new girlfriend! but if you are more interested in what it… Continue Reading →

Finally Firefly Is Set To Return!

Before diehard fans of the sci-fi TV series Firefly get too excited, the second outing for Firefly is not going to be series made for TV or even online, Firefly Online is going to be an MMO and it is… Continue Reading →

Official Gameplay Video For Grand Theft Auto V

It is not that long to go before we can get our hands on the cool and exciting Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games! To get us all in the mood, Rockstar have released a new game play trailer,… Continue Reading →

This Is Your Chance To Join The Space Race!

Space tourism is big business, probably due the price that passengers will need to pay in order to spend a short time in high orbit! But you do not have to be a billionaire or a celebrity in order to… Continue Reading →

Microsoft will launch Forza Motorsport 5 with the Xbox One!

Software giant and games console maker Microsoft have announced that the cool racing game Forza Motorsport 5 will be the game that launched with all new and cool Xbox One games console. There are no prices or further details yet,… Continue Reading →

Star Command Ready Launch In A Few Days Time

The wait is finally over and next week we will be seeing the launch of the Star Command game!

Famous Geeks Help To Launch Code Org

A new non-profit organization called Code.org, founded by brothers Hadi & Ali Partovi has been launched! The object of Code.org is to promote computer science and programming at school, to get the point across they invited some friends along to… Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Rockets With Plastic Drinks Bottles

Rockets are cool, but building your own rocket is better and that is exactly what you can be doing if you follow the guys in this video. All you are going to need in order to get your rocket off… Continue Reading →

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