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Forget fireworks as Intel show off a drone light show
Torch the cycle helmet with built in lights!
Posted in Bikes
3rd June 2015

Give Your Bike Some Balls And Be Seen!

Cycling can be a great way of getting around the city, but it can also be dangerous if the cyclist…

Posted in Quadcopters
26th May 2015

Sprite The Drone That Is A Handy Tool!

We have heard a lot about drones, quadcopters and so on, but here is something that has been designed with…

Posted in Lifestyle
11th March 2015

Classic Snake Game Played On Fountains!

Anyone who had or used an old Nokia 3210 mobile phone will remember that classic game called Snake;

Posted in Bikes
19th February 2015

Shocke Spark Is Both Affordable And Stylish!

When it comes to electric bikes the first thing that normally springs to mind is the cost, but if we…

Posted in Games
19th February 2015

Interactive Installation Turns Stairs Into A Game!

When it comes to creating a cool gaming installations le Qu4tre have really come up with a winner. Based in…

Posted in New Tech
17th February 2015

The 20 MPH Electric ZBoard 2 Skateboard!

When it comes to skateboarding, there are many factors to take into consideration such as; weight, speed and design, but…

Posted in Lights
17th November 2014

How To Make Propane Pop Gun!

Making a gun is not at the top of everyone’s agenda, but there is a kind of A Team mashed…