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Posted in Smartphones
23rd April 2015

Stikey Your New Smartphone Accessory!

Stikey is a magnetic wall mount, a handy cable tidy, a magnetic Smartphone stand and it can be attached to…

Posted in Home
16th March 2015

Zeepers The Magnetic Mounting System!

This a strange name for something that could be very useful around the home or small business, they are Zeepers

Posted in Phone Cases
9th January 2015

MagSkin Allows You To Stick Your iPhone To Metal!

  A lot of smartphone owners are using their devices more and more for work, the problem is that balancing…

Posted in Audio
8th December 2014

The Levitating Mars Speaker With Dock!

When we think of a speaker system, it is normally what the performance of the speaker offers rather than its…

Posted in Security
6th October 2014

Say Nope to web cam hackers!

Posted in Bikes, LED's
8th April 2014

The Double O Smart Bike Light!

We live in a world where we are not satisfied with a device that does just one thing, we want…

Posted in Cameras, iPhone
24th March 2014

Turn The iPhone Camera Into A Spy Camera!

These days it is hard to take a sneaky photo of somebody who is up to no good or found…

Posted in Bikes, New Tech
23rd January 2014

The Magnic Light System Provides Visibility For All Cyclists!

While there are more people taking to the bike in order to get around, there is one thing that all…

Posted in LED's, Lights
17th July 2013

The Flexible Battery Powered LED Lighting System

When there is no mains power available and it starts to get dark, you are going to wish that you…

Posted in Chargers, iPhone
4th July 2013

Wireless Charger Makes Your iPhone Appear To Float!

There are hundreds of chargers and holders for the iPhone around, but there are none like the E-Fusion! This interesting…