How About A Nice Can Of Windows 95?

Microsoft And Dreamworks Develop Windows Travel Game!

Tabitop App Turns Your iPhone Into A Mouse!

Microsoft Increases OneDrive Online Storage To 15 GB!

Get More From You Email On iOS With Acompli!

The 4G Surface 2 Goes On Sale In The UK!

Finally the new Surface from Microsoft with 4G is available in the UK with 4G, 64 GB memory, Microsoft Office and so much more. It looks great, will be running on the faster NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and has a… Continue Reading →

Some People Are So Scared Of Internet Explorer!

There is not much love these days for Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer! It has always been there since the early days of mass internet use and yet when it comes to it, there are many people who simply cannot be… Continue Reading →

What to Expect from Microsoft’s First Windows 8 Update

Spring 2014 will see the first updates coming for Microsoft’s Windows 8 PC operating system. The main focus so far is that the 8.1 update will see improvements to the way the system handles mouse and keyboard functions – mainly… Continue Reading →

Annoying Grammar Errors That Are Not Errors At All!

If you have ever seen this in practice, you will understand just how annoying these error highlights are! Check out the image to see if you can spot exactly what is wrong with this list of numbers! Source: Bits and… Continue Reading →

Microsoft To Change SkyDrive To OneDrive!

Therefore, it looks like Microsoft is planning on changing SkyDrive to OneDrive! Just as we are getting used to it, they go and change the name again. However, we cannot fully blame Microsoft for this, as the name change comes… Continue Reading →

Telepathwords by Microsoft Tests Your Passwords!

We have passwords for almost anything these days, but there are security issues with using what we think is a safe and secure password, as hackers appear to be able to break even the toughest passwords with ease! So software… Continue Reading →

Steam delivers PC gaming to your TV

As the market war wages on between Microsoft and Sony’s next generation home consoles, Valve have shaken things up. The major player in the PC gaming market has announced that they will be releasing their own home-based operating system. Valve… Continue Reading →

The Blue Screen Of Death Hits The iPhone 5S!

It was once a dreaded feature of a Microsoft Windows powered computer for a while, but now the infamous blue screen of death has appeared on the screen of some iPhone 5S’s according to users who have been reporting on… Continue Reading →

Someone Has A Crazy New Idea! Windows Doughnuts!

The spread of Microsoft is complete; these doughnuts just prove that the influence of Windows has gone too far this time! Source: Geek Fill  

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