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Walk In The Shoes Of Astronauts!

Fancy An Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience?

Landing on the Moon was one of those moments in history that stopped the world for a while and even today, the thought of humans walking on the Moon is the stuff that legends are made from. But, it does not stop there, the Apollo space programme may have ended a long time ago, but with the help of new technology we will soon be able to walk in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong. It’s all down to virtual reality and access to the NASA footage, using Oculus Rift the world of NASA will come to life right before the user’s eyes. Image that feeling, imagine you were there.

The features available are; an accurate digital display of the Saturn V rocket, the Command Module, the Lunar Lander, Astronauts and the Launch Tower. There is some terrific and original real time audio taken from the actual NASA Control, the Command Module, and Lunar Lander recordings. As well as being able to see some interviews from the Astronauts themselves and a cool guided tour or you prefer an interactive experience based on the users choices.

The project is hoping to take off this year and you too can get involved with a pledge starting from just five Euros, but the best options with cool stuff are priced up to two thousand Euros.

Source: Immersive VR Education


NASA Offers A Cash Prize In Asteroid Data Hunter Contest!

NASA Offers A Cash Prize In Asteroid Data Hunter Contest!

NASA Offers A Cash Prize In Asteroid Data Hunter Contest!

In past few years, the role of the US space agency NASA has changed from sending crews into space via the shuttle, to the exploration of the solar system and out space. The later is of course, more exciting and NASA still keeps it hand in the space travel business because of the International Space Station (ISS). But its exploration that we are thinking about today, in fact to be more precise it’s the search for Asteroids that is getting a lot of attention with the Asteroid Data Hunter Contest with a prize of around $25,000 for the team that develops an improved algorithm to indentify asteroids.

The contest starts on the 17th, so those interested will need to create an account, read up on the requirements and get to work, naturally there are going to be some serious rules and regulations in place, but it’s not rocket science, well not exactly. The winner will prove that their solution will be able to meet the following requirements; it must improve on the detection sensitivity, ensure that the number of false sightings are kept to minimum, skip over any imperfections found in the stored data and finally it should be able to work with all computer systems to ensure the widest coverage.

Source: Top Coder