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NASA Produces Tourist Style Posters For Space Travellers!

  If there is just one thing that has turned out to be disappointing about living in the 21st Century, it has to be that most of the predictions from science fiction have not

This is your chance to develop an idea for a future NASA Mars Mission

Joystick From The Apollo 15 Lunar Module To Be Auctioned!

NASA Offers A Cash Prize In Asteroid Data Hunter Contest!

In past few years, the role of the US space agency NASA has changed from sending crews into space via the shuttle, to the exploration of the solar system and out space. The later

NASA Investigates Mysterious Rock Appearance On Mars!

As we get to see more images from Mars the more mysterious, the red planet becomes. Instead of proving that there is no life on Mars, the images throw up more questions than they

Camera Used To Be A Luxury Now They Are A Necessity!

How times have changed, when NASA sent people to the moon the astronauts took a few photos of the sights, but today images make up the daily life of some people from the moment

Dinosaur Found Floating In Space!

It had to happen sooner than later, a dinosaur has been found on floating in space! Well actually, it has been found floating around the International Space Station (ISS). In actual fact, it was

Drinking Coffee In Space Has Just Got Easier

  It is funny that we do not appreciate how difficult everyday functions that we are used too are extremely difficult on the International Space Station (ISS). Take drinking a cup of coffee for

The ARKYD Orbiting Space Telescope Project

Here is a cool idea that involves space, rockets and exploration, but more than that anyone can get involved in the ARKYD space telescope project, this is because the team behind have put it

Lizard Found Living On The Surface Of Mars

It has been a question that has been asked for hundreds if not thousands of years, is there life on Mars? Well thanks to NASA’s Mars Curiosity roving vehicle, it seems that the answer

If You Must Take A Selfie Make Sure Its A Good One!

The rise of the selfie has been unprecedented with smart phones and social media being the fuel behind this phenomenon. However, there are good ones and bad one, so if you are going to

A Message To NASA From Pluto

Apparently, the downgrading of the ninth planet of our solar system Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet has not gone down very well with fans of this lonely heavenly body.

After The Near Miss How Can We Stop Asteroids

Just How Do Astronauts Stay Clean

There are a lot of questions to astronauts based on the International Space Station (ISS) but they normally apply to food and going to the loo. However, at a more basic level is how

Your Smartphone Versus The 1969 NASA Control Room

The White House Strikes Back Over Death Star Petition