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Toaster Nintendo 8 Bit Games Console!

Toaster Nintendo 8 Bit Game Console!

There are a lot of modified games consoles around, but this one really does stand out from the crowd. The main reason for this is that it’s a toaster, but it’s more than just a toaster because it has been mashed up with a Nintendo 8 Bit games console to become the Nintoaster!

This is my second Nintoaster what i have build. Every button in toaster works, power, reset and led brightness control. Inside the toaster is Nintendo 8 bit (NES) game console. I have also painted Controller to match the Nintoaster.

So we now know that a toaster can be made into a cool looking games console, what else would make a cool games console?

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Welcome To Nintendo Games Heaven!

Welcome To Nintendo Games Heaven!

Welcome To Nintendo Games Heaven!

Nintendo gamers have had a lot of choice over the years, remember the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and the Wii U. as well those popular handheld games machines such as; the Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS or the 3DS! This could be gamers heaven and it seems that somebody has been creating their own version of Nintendo heaven in this room! Do you think that there is a Microsoft, Sega and Sony rooms available too!

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Microsoft Executes New Xbox One U-turn

Microsoft has had quite a disastrous time in its attempts to promote the new Xbox One console ahead of its hotly anticipated launch in November this year.

When it was unveiled in May, the system met with a number of criticisms from fans, which arguably gave Sony’s PlayStation 4 the edge before the next generation console race had even begun in earnest.

One of the biggest complaints was the news that the Xbox One would require the Kinect camera peripheral to be connected and active at all times, leading to concerns over privacy. But now a Microsoft executive has claimed that it is backtracking on this requirement, levelling the playing field further.

So the question of whether I should sell my trusty Nintendo DS and save up for a machine from Microsoft or Sony this autumn has just become a little trickier to answer.

Kinect Climb Down

The Kinect revelation emerged during a recent Q&A session held by IGN during which Microsoft spokesperson Marc Whitten said that the Xbox One will still work perfectly well, even if Kinect is unplugged.

This effectively overturns previous plans to make it a mandatory peripheral that must always be hooked up to the console, even when not in use by any game or service.

Whitten made a point of reminding gamers that if Kinect is not active, they will not be able to use any of its features, either in games or while using the console’s three-tiered operating system.

Unfortunately it seems that while gamers will not have to have Kinect attached to the Xbox One to enjoy their favourite titles, Microsoft is still bundling the peripheral with every single console it ships so that developers know they can access a consistent set of hardware in every home.

This means that the anticipated £429 UK launch price of the console will remain the same, dramatically exceeding the £349 RRP for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which of course will not come with a camera peripheral as part of the standard package.

Revise and Retreat

With the announcement that Kinect is no longer obligatory, Microsoft is adding to a long list of U-turns that it has made in the past couple of months.

This includes the issue with used games, which Microsoft was originally planning to lock down to just a couple of accounts, thus making it impossible for people to sell their old titles on to strangers.

Microsoft also made it clear that it would be allowing independent games developers to publish their own content and would not be requiring that every Xbox One has to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours.

During the recent Q&A it was revealed that Microsoft has boosted the clock speed of the console’s graphics chip to give it a better chance to compete on a technical level with the marginally more powerful PS4.

But for many industry observers and gamers, the price difference between these two titans will be the real deciding factor, at least in the early stages of the next console war.

Retro Gaming Machine With A Modern Touch!

Retro Gaming Machine With A Modern Touch!


Gaming is not all about the latest the consoles and games, although they do play a big part in the gaming world. However, a few times a year there are times when there are no new games to play and its times like this when something like the Retron 3 SNES/NES/Genesis Game System comes into its own. As the name suggests, this a retro games console that will play any of the SNES, NES & Genesis, you can even use the original controllers for that real retro feel!

This is that the maker of the machine has to say about it;

Some that only enjoy the gaming experience; some that desire functionality over excessive game libraries and consoles. To have an SNES, NES, and Sega Genesis individually would be a gift to most, but to the few lurking in the retro shadows they want to play Super Mario for fifteen minutes then immediately switch to Street Fighter II seamlessly WITHOUT switching consoles. Disgusting.

This retro style gaming console will cost you around $60 (£40), which is not bad for a console that will keep you and friends busy for a number of hours.

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The Nintendo Games Console Controller iPhone Dock

The Nintendo Games Console Controller iPhone Dock

It is true that many gamers just cannot switch off and because of that, here is a cool looking dock for their iPhone if they have one! It is a classic controller from an old Nintendo games console that has been re-purposed to house the Apple synchronising USB cable. This means that even when they are not gaming, the thought of gaming is not going to be too far away.

Here are some features for the gamers style iPhone dock;

Say goodbye to your boring iPod and iPhone docking stations and let your geek flag fly. These classic Nintendo controllers have been up-cycled into handmade, one of a kind working docking stations! Simply connect the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone or iPod (excluding iPod Shuffle)!

This cool looking Nintendo console controller iPhone dock is going to cost around $35 (£24).

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Dock For The iPhone And iPod In Classic NES Style

Dock For The iPhone And iPod In Classic NES Style

Anyone with a taste for 80’s gaming might love to get their hands on one of these iPhone & iPod docks! The reason being that is made from classic Nintendo Tennis games cartridge, just connect the USB cable to the computer and insert the device into the docking port for some retro docking experience.

These are the main details for the Nintendo games cartridge for the iPhone & iPod;

Relive your video gaming youth and say goodbye to your boring iPod and iPhone docking stations! Let your geek flag fly. This is an original NES Tennis game cartridge, which has been up-cycled into a handmade, one of a kind working iPod and iPhone docking station! Simply connect the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone or iPod (excluding iPod Shuffle)!

You can get your own Nintendo docking device for just $20 (£14).

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