Facebook Crashes For Two Hours

    It seems that the thing that could never happen, has happened Facebook crashed and for some users they are offline for up to two hours. This of course has had a two fold effect! On the one hand, those affected Facebook users have been stunned by this and on the other employers around […]

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Facebook Logs Off For A While

    Yesterday afternoon would have been a nightmare for anyone who tried to update their status on Facebook as they would have been faced with a “This webpage cannot be displayed” greeting. It seems that this issue was network wide with Smartphone and tablet applications being also affected. Of course, the upside is that because […]

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Xbox Live Offline

Whenever there is an issue with a web based service, we seem to nearly always blame a hacker these days and yet as with the recent problems affecting Xbox Live users, it seems that technical issues are to blame and more to the point the launching of the Microsoft cloud service could be the cause. […]

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