Are you a dog or cat person

There are three different kinds of people in the world, dog lovers, cat fanciers and those who do not care for either! So forgetting about the last group, we will concentrate on what are the main differences between the two groups. It seems that the general opinion is that dog lovers tend to be more outgoing and friendly, while for the cat fancier it would seem that they are more independent and introverted. Fortunately Hunch as put together the details and produced this very informative info graphic that attempts to explain the differences between to the groups.

Source [Column Five Media]


Not all computer owners are the same!

It seems that we do not all treat our computers in the same way. In fact, according to Sticky Comics, there are two types of computer owner and they appear to treat their computers completely differently. They seem to be saying that Apple owners love their computers and their computer love them back, whereas for the rest of us it is a constant battle and if given the chance we would throw out computer out of the window (wont anyone ever let me live that down!) due the frustration that is building up.

So what do you think, are Apple owners all loved up with their computers or this just another piece of Apple magic that goes around?

Source [Sticky Comics]



The State of Social Networking


There is hardly anyone around who has not heard of social networking, but when it comes to joining social networks how do the figures mount up, is there a social network favoured by women, what about older people. With so many different groups of people around how do the social networks stand when it comes to attracting a diverse crowd or are they not bothered at all and just go after their target audience? The info graphic below sets out to explain what is going on within the top social networking sites.

Source [Sizzle Tech]



How to react when the Google Street Car passes

These are cool, they see the Google Street car coming down the road and decided to take advantage and “Strike a Pose!” the result are these cool images, which make an awesome movie when strung together.


This is what we want more of, instead fighting against the Big G, use them to your own ends and you never know you could be famous one day, if only on Google!

Source [Make use of]