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Going Offgrid! Voyager Power Station!
Migo! The Internet Enabled 3D Printer!
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Samsung launches the Galaxy TabPro S!
Posted in Quadcopters
26th May 2015

Sprite The Drone That Is A Handy Tool!

We have heard a lot about drones, quadcopters and so on, but here is something that has been designed with…

Posted in Smartphones
23rd April 2015

Stikey Your New Smartphone Accessory!

Stikey is a magnetic wall mount, a handy cable tidy, a magnetic Smartphone stand and it can be attached to…

Posted in Smartphones
24th March 2015

Mask It’s Your Wearable Movie Theatre!

This is Mask, it might look like a standard set of headphones, but there is more than meets the eye…

Posted in Smartphones
11th March 2015

Mu The Only Charger You Will Ever Need!

It makes no difference how cool your Smartphone or tablet is, when the battery is low it’s no good to…

Posted in Tablets
17th February 2015

The Flexible Three In One Stand In A Tube!

Most tablet and laptop users will wish for a stand at some point, it might just be a temporary decision,…

Posted in Chargers
10th February 2015

The NanoGrid Portable Lighting System From Biolite!

Biolite are well known for the off the grid charging system that allows the user to charge battery powered gadgets…

Posted in USB
3rd February 2015

The Handy inCharge USB Cable!

There are USB ports everywhere, but they are no use at all to a Smartphone owner with a low battery…

Posted in Robots
3rd February 2015

The PlexiDrone Portable Snap Together Quadcopter!

Think of a quadcopter and you might think that they are brilliant but not very portable. Well now, take a…

Posted in Keyboard
14th January 2015

TextBlade The Pocket-sized Portable Keyboard!

One of the main complaints about a built in touchscreen keyboard is how easy it is to make a mistake…