The 3D Pocketcopter for cost effective cool aerial photography

We have seen the growth of drones being used for videos and photos, but these are normally quite expensive and therefore not accessible to everyone, but here is an idea that is promising to bring the joys of remote control flying and filming for around a hundred Euros. What ’s more, the Pocketcopter as the name suggests fits into your pocket or bag. When its needed assembly is easy within no time at all, the drone will be airborne and being controlled by the dedicated app installed onto the users Smartphone or tablet device. Amazingly, it comes with a high quality 3D HD camera; the rotor blades are completely removable.

It comes with a 12V rechargeable battery pack that when fully charged will provide the user with about six hours of camera time and twenty five minutes of flight time. It comes with a range of around ten metres and it uses a Micro SD card for storing all of the images and video collected during the flights. As for its size, it measures 19 cm (H) and 4.5 cm (D), so you can see how it is classed as being pocket sized. The pocketcopter will be taking off in the middle of next year with a price tag of around 100 Euros, but pre order now and you can get one for just 89 Euros, it is not a massive saving granted but it is nevertheless a saving.

Source: Pocketcopter

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