Siri Mashed With Watch

If you take all of the coolness of an iPhone, not forgetting the voice controlled assistant Siri and mash it up with a watch you get a smartwatch or the iSiri, depending on your point of view! This is the idea from Federico Ciccarese; he has created the iSiri Smartwatch that connects to your iPhone […]

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Is Siri The New GLaDOS?

    Apparently, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant, Siri could have ended up being installed in military hardware, which according to the London based filmmakers, Sneaky Zebra makes for a great storyline! My question here is, if Siri were GLaDOS then would that make Steve Jobs, Cave Johnson?     Could Siri have really been developed […]

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The Bat Phone Vs The iPhone

    So the iPhone 4S has Siri and for many users this is greatest thing ever added to a phone, but surely the iPhone is not as good as the Bat Phone?     Well it seems that being rich, Batman or Bruce Wayne is able to afford to build the coolest phone around […]

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Apple Siri Advert Cleared By ASA

    Ever since voice controlled personal assistant Siri was launched in the UK there have been disappointed users who have complained about the feature not meeting the standards advertised.     This was made even worse by an advert put out by Vodafone for the iPhone 4S, users complained that the Siri feature was totally […]

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