Send A Skype Gift Card

Until recently, you could only order a Skype Gift card in the US, but now the Microsoft owned internet phone service provider Skype are now allowing the gift card system to go international and that means us in the UK! So you can now put a value to a card, pay for it and send […]

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Skype For Windows Phones

The internet based phone service Skype has finally released service for Windows Phone 8 powered devices! As with other apps for the Windows Phone 8 operating system, Skype fits in nicely with the tile display making it easy to use and manage. These are the features available from the Skype app for Windows powered devices; […]

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Steve Ballmer At Dell World

It sounds a bit like one of Steve Ballmers early holidays, but Dell World is a serious event and Microsoft has a big part to play in the development of new products. But instead of talking about phones and tablets, the talk was more or less totally dominated by the client, Skype, server and Windows […]

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