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    Laser Tag With The Smartphone AppTag

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        Sure if you are suggesting to anyone that laser tagging would be a great way to spend an afternoon, then you might be taking a risk. However, once a Smartphone is added into the equation, then it takes on a completely different feel altogether. This is AppTag, it works with Android and iOS… Read more »

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    Fujitsu Dog Collar Monitors Activity And Health

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        There are some dog monitors around already but this use GPS and send a tweet to your Twitter every so often, but Fujitsu think that they are able to improve on this with their collar. Due to be announced today, Fujitsu say that their version will not only record the dogs activity, but… Read more »

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    The iHangy Secures Your iPhone

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        I you have ever had your iPhone stolen or left it on the train, you will know just devastating it can be. However, if you had an iHangy this would never have happened, which is something to think about. There are several versions to choose from, such as the keychain, necklace and there… Read more »

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    Touchscreen Games Made Easy With The #ROAM

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        Fed up with trying to play games on your iPhone using the touch screen controls, then maybe you need to ROAM! The ROAM in question here is a cool new games controller that connects to the Smartphone and offers the user actual buttons and joysticks! Winning is everything for gamers and the ROAM… Read more »

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    Check Out The Tod Smart Beacon

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        The t?d is a smart beacon, it connects all of the user’s devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets to the real world via a Bluetooth connection. The range varies from three to five hundred feet, which may seem extreme but I suppose it is going to depend on the surroundings and conditions. This… Read more »

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    Tracking Smartphone Dock From Swivl-it

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        This is a smaller and less expensive version on the Swivl Smartphone dock; it offers the user a chance to benefit from all using the most of the Swivl’s features but without having to fork out the full price, which is around £112 ($180). The only real differences between the two models, is… Read more »

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    Is That An iPhone In Your Bra?

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        Here is the answer for all those girls that go out wearing a nice dress and of course no handbag, so where do they keep there Smartphone? Well that is where Joey comes in, this is bra with a secret pocket built into the side where a Smartphone can be placed and where… Read more »

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    Flashing Light Instead Of QR Codes

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        The QR Code is one of those great ideas that for some reason just will not catch on. Sure, there are campaigns that use the QR code but not to the same extent of the original bar code, which is a shame because chances are that the QR code could soon be replaced… Read more »

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    How The Huawei Smartphone Pegasus Was Built

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          Anyone who visited the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona this year could not have failed to have missed the life size Pegasus greeting them. It was created for Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei by the London based Machine Shop. Its frame is made from steel rods, covered by three and half thousand… Read more »

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    Portable Laptop Power By Pebble Pro

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        We have all experienced the problem of laptop battery life, no matter what the manufacturer says the battery never lasts as long and if you are out all day long or over the weekend, you have to be careful to preserve the battery. However, this is the Pebble Pro and it can provide… Read more »

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    Now Your Plants Can Talk To You

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        For a long time people have claimed that talking to their plants really helps them grow and produce impressive blooms or fruit. But now with the help of technology, plants can let their keepers know when they are thirsty, too wet or need some other nutrition. It’s down to the Koubachi Wi-Fi plant… Read more »

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    Want Clean Teeth There Is An App For That

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        It seems that these days there is nothing that can be done without the use of a Smartphone and an app; this now included brushing your teeth! This is the Beam brush and app, it works with a Smartphone to keep track of how long you are brushing your teeth and keeps a… Read more »

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    Charge Your Android Phone with Andru

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      This is Andru, he is a phone charge based on the Google Android character and basically, this little guy will simply charge your Android powered device like any charger, except Andru does it in style! Here are the specs and features for the Andru phone charger; FEATURES Moveable arms and flexible antennae Light-up eyes… Read more »

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    Vimeo Launches Official App For Windows Phones

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      Finally the owners of Windows powered Smartphone’s will be able to get the Official Vimeo app that offers all of the great Vimeo features all in one free app. Now managing and sharing videos with friends has never been easier, as well as being able to set privacy settings, comment and watch videos later… Read more »

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    Back Up Phone With A Fifteen Year Battery Life

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      It makes no difference how cool your Smartphone is, when the battery runs out it is doing nothing and that is such a depressing thing to put up with. But there is an idea on show at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas that could mean the end of this dilemma, it’s called the SpareOne… Read more »