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    Feedair Hopes To Crack The Notification Market

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      This is a brand new device called Feedair, it is a new start up that hopes to grab the notification market and shake it up a little. However, this has always been a tough market and Feedair is following in some verge large footsteps, such as Microsoft. However, maybe it is going to take… Read more »

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    Game Controller App For Smartphones

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    It looks as if the next target for the Smartphone app is games controllers could this be the first move to seeing the back of all those controllers or just wishful thinking! The WanderPlayer is new tech that turns the iPhone into a games controller, Android phones are to follow! All the user has to… Read more »

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    Turn A Smartphone Into A Scanning Device

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    Basically, a scan is photo of an object, but scanning a document requires more than just an image, as it needs to be sized up and saved into the right format. The SCANDY does this by using the powerful lens built into smart phones such as the iPhone and allows the user to take decent… Read more »

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    The Timeline That Covers The iPhone

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    There is no doubt that iPhone changed the world, it brought us new words such as app, smartphone and capacitive, it also opened up a whole new world for Apple and its competitors. Therefore, it is only natural that eventually somebody is going to come up with the definitive history of the iPhone and here… Read more »

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    Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

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    Spilling some liquid onto a Smartphone would normally spell disaster! However, dropping the device into water so that it is fully under for a number of seconds! Well this is just too much to think about; in fact, I have a cold sweat just thinking about it! However, it seems that this may not be… Read more »

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    The Wednesday Deal – BlackBerry Bold 9780

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    Here is a chance to get your hands on the cool BlackBerry Bold 9780 SIM Free Smartphone with 30% off! This means instead of paying the normal £450 the buyer here gets it for just £313.12 saving a cool £136.88 in process. This device is of course the communication tool, it is used by many… Read more »

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    The Thumb Keyboard

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    Many mobile devices and even Smartphone’s can be difficult to use for some people and this is especially so when it comes to the typing out of a message. However, this is the iTablet Thumb Keyboard and it offers an alternative to using the on screen keyboard or small keypad. It is held in the… Read more »

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    Real hands free for Smartphone’s

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    This is the device that you need when your hands are otherwise engaged doing important stuff, such as washing up or even while in the bath, which incidentally was where the inspiration for this device comes from! It allows the user to operate the touchscreen of a Smartphone without the need of any hands, this… Read more »