YouView Starts UK TV Trail

    It has been around three years in development, but finally the YouView digital TV service has begun its alpha testing, with around 350 homes receiving the new set top box, the test will be stepped up in a few weeks with thousands of homes receiving the new kit to see just how good […]

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Microsoft launches Office 365

The world’s largest software company Microsoft has officially launched the new Microsoft Office 365 for professionals. It allows the user to check their email, important documents, contacts, and calendar, from anywhere using their PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, so the benefits are obvious so how much is this going to cost? For […]

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Virgin Media to trail P2P throttling

The cable TV, phone and broadband provider Virgin Media will be trailing a new traffic management system that will slow down the upload speeds for P2P use. If this system proves successful, then the ISP will be implementing right across the board with immediate effect. The throttling will take place between 17:00 and 00:00 in […]

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