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    How Mobiles Have Changed Travel

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        It seems impossible these days to even travel to and from work without the use of any technology, yet we find that mobile technology has completely changed the way that we think about travel from social networking to booking trips abroad. This info graphic show that technology especially the mobile variety has completely… Read more »

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    The Bottle That Rolls Up

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        It may sound strange but the Bubi bottle is something that everyone can use, it makes no difference if you are a walker, runner or just travelling around, the Bubi bottle has its uses and once finished with it rolls up to a handy palm size, making it easy to store away until… Read more »

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    The Travel Case You Can Ride On

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        Getting around the airport these days can be a bit of trek, especially the new ones. So in order to get around a bit faster the Micro Scooter travel case will transport you and your luggage around the airport with complete ease.     This is so simple, that it is a surprise… Read more »

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    Take The Elevator To The Stars

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        At first glance, these images look to be from the set of the latest Star Trek movie, but no, this is a plan by the Japanese based Obayashi Corporation to build a space station connected to an earth station by an elevator. The reason for this idea is cost; it costs too much to… Read more »

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    Google Maps Now Offers Train Travel Information

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      Anyone that uses Google maps on a regular basis will know that there is a whole lot of information on the pages and not just directions either. But now Google have added a new service that allows the user to put in where they want to travel to and from, but instead of just… Read more »

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    Sat Nav jammer threat

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    It has come to light that a simple £20 device could be used to jam satellite navigation signals, causing havoc on the road, in the air and even at sea. The claim is part of a report put together by the Royal Academy of Engineering and it shows just how a simple jammer is not… Read more »