Moonhouse the project that plans to build a house on the Moon

The idea of building a base on the Moon has been the subject of many science fiction stories and yet here we have an idea that is about as far as you can get from science fiction, they are calling this the Moonhouse project. This has been in the planning stages since 2003 and now the technology is almost at a level where this dream of building a red house with white features can become a reality. All they need is $15,000,000 and this is where you come in. The team behind a project have worked out that for every single dollar pledged it takes the project 25 metres closer to the Moon. This is of the ultimate art project, the building is a symbol and placing it on the Moon means that everyone can it no matter where they are.

At the moment project plans to have the self constructing building erected on the Luna surface by October next year. but this can only happen with the help of backers who can pledge just a $1 or more as there are some cool perks for those who pledge $50 and over, such as having their names on the inside of the house and digital Moon messages sent to friends or family. If you like the idea of the Moon House project then you can back it and do not forget for every dollar pledged that takes the project 25 metres closer to the Luna surface.

Source: The Moon House

The TUL suitcase comes with built in scales

These days airlines like all other businesses are feeling the pinch and one way that they are able to make some extra cash is through excess baggage or limiting travellers to the barest minimum they can carry. Yet who actually knows how heavy their suitcase is and naturally it is going to weigh different going out than it is on the way back, but how is anyone ever going to know just much their case is weighing in at unless they are carrying scales with them. Well that does not actually sound like a bad idea and as such the TUL suitcase comes with one handy special feature, you’ve guessed it they have a built in weighing scale that tells you exactly how much the case weighs before checking in.

This case comes with wheels naturally, and the scales are built into back of the case so that you are able to see the current weight of the case as you pack. This enables it do its job as the weight of the empty case is logged before anything is put inside. To make it easy there is a handy LCD screen built into the top of case, this will display the total weight of case at the press of a button and after a minute, it turns off to save battery power. The TUL suitcase should be launching in the middle of next year and it can be pre ordered right now from just $229 AUD, this case could actually pay for itself over time as the user could be saving on those terrible excess baggage charges.

Source: TUL Thustrelie

The Small And Light Trikelet Electric Scooter!

The Small And Light Trikelet Electric Scooter!

We are not surprised these days to see new battery powered scooters taking people to and from work, or just for fun or entertainment. But some of these are big, heavy and do not have a decent range, which is a shame because the idea of riding a scooter to the station, getting on a train and then riding the scooter to work is a great idea, if only the scooter was small and light enough to be carried onto a train. Well this is exactly where the Trikelet comes into its own.

This battery powered scooter is small enough to be carried on as hand luggage as all of the external parts such as wheels fold inside so they do not get in the way or rub up against other commuters. It can even be pull along like a travel bag until it is time to be unfolded. With a couple a swift moves, the Trikelet is ready to ride and the office is not too far away when travelling on an electrically powered scooter, which can then be charged up from the mains power supply ready for the return journey home.

The Small And Light Trikelet Electric Scooter!

The Trikelet has a range of around 15 km with a maximum speed of up to 20 kph, so it is a bit nippy and easy to navigate the traffic. As for the size of the Trikelet, unfolded it measures up at 970 mm (L) x 290 mm (W) x 1250 mm (H) with the wheelbase at 800 mm. when its folded down it will only measure up at around 570 mm (L) x 290 mm (W) x 320 mm (H) and it weighs in at around 12 kg making it easy to carry, move or just store away when it is not being used.

The Small And Light Trikelet Electric Scooter!

This handy and portable is not quite ready to go on sale yet, but when it does, it will cost between 1000 Euros and 1500 Euros.

Source: Trikelet