Classic Advice On Manners For The Users Of Facebook!

It seems that some people are not playing by the rules of polite society when it comes to being online with Facebook. Never mind there is this interesting video that covers Facebook Manners, it’s like one of those classic information films set in an alternate reality, where it’s still the 1950’s and yet technology has […]

Reading Out Privacy Permissions Aloud Is Scary!

One of the biggest lies that we are all guilty of, is ticking the box that says we have read and understand the terms of service, terms and conditions and the privacy permissions of apps and other services. So, in this experiment, the Privacy Project are highlighting the privacy permissions of the apps on Smartphone’s […]

Looking For The Next Facebook? Try JYNX!

Apparently, there are some users of Facebook who are not liking all of the features and functions of the social networking site. Well, surprise there could be the solution for these issues with a new and more selective social network called JYNX! With the app users are able to filter out exactly what they do […]

Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

When civil liberty groups and tech based websites and organisations get together to form a partnership, people take notice and this is exactly what is going with the launch of Reset The Net! It’s a coalition created on the first anniversary of first story released that was related to Edward Snowden and the files he […]