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Share Your News With The Plague App!

Share Your News With The Plague App!

Getting information out into the wide world is not easy, contacts take time to build and social media only works if you have friends or followers, so for somebody just starting off in business or anything else getting your information out there, is not as easy as it sounds and this where many people fail in social networking for business. Continue reading →

Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

When civil liberty groups and tech based websites and organisations get together to form a partnership, people take notice and this is exactly what is going with the launch of Reset The Net! It’s a coalition created on the first anniversary of first story released that was related to Edward Snowden and the files he released.

Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

The call is for the owners of websites and mobile apps to carry one of the Reset The Net images and is possible to add extra security features such as a SSL (Secure Socket Layer), HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) or Perfect Forward Secrecy. The whole idea of this in order to show that your privacy matters and that they will be doing their best to protect users privacy.

It is a protest against the NSA and other security services who are routinely spying on innocent people going about their daily lives. It is a big ask, but Reset The Net has some big players backing it, all of whom are worried about the online privacy of ordinary people who are simply going about their normal daily activities and not committing any crimes, or who are a danger to our way of life.

Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

Source: Reset The Net


Challenge The World On Trivia With QuizUp!

Challenge The World On Trivia With QuizUp!

If you happen to turn on Daytime TV during the week, the chances are that you will see a quiz show! This is because proving how a smart you are when it comes to trivia has become very popular. In fact, so popular that there is an app for that sort of thing and it is called QuizUp! The free QuizUp app will not only allow the user to join family and friends to see who is the smartest, but other online users too! So, if you are looking for challenge when you have a few spare minutes, then this is the one for you! The trouble is, are you brave enough to take on the QuizUp challenge?

Challenge The World On Trivia With QuizUp!

The QuizUp app has over 350 topics with questions on TV, sport, movies, games and more, there are over 150,000 questions too and that means there is going to be something for everyone! The challenge is on, millions of users are waiting to prove that they are smarter than you are, can you handle it or will you crack under the pressure?

This is a free app, but it is only available for the owners of iPhones and iPads, check it out and download the app on iTunes!

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Some Cool And Interesting Internet Stats!

Some Cool And Interesting Internet Stats!

It is funny how we use the internet everyday for more hours than we care to admit and yet it seems that there are still some staggering facts that we had no idea about. Here is a cool infographic on just seven facts that will make you sit back and think WOW!

Source: Staff.com


Radio Is Re-imagined When Its The iTunes Radio!


Apple have come good with the iTunes Radio, the streaming radio service that just happens to be the best price of all, free! With this feature on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV, there are stations and music choices that will build into a cool personalised radio station.

The iTunes Radio button can be found at the top of the page right next to Playlists. Once pressed you will find over two hundred and fifty stations that cover every style of music based on the content that you have already purchased and played. This means that your Radio, is literally your Radio!

Creating and customizing your Radio Stations is easy, as it builds itself according to the content you like and then it is all stored in the cloud allowing easy access to the music at any time and on any device in your Apple collection, there is no synchronising needed, just good music when you want it.

Source: Apple


Apps That Suck The Life Out Of Your Battery!


If you are anything like us in the office, you will wonder how your phone battery life runs down even when it is not in use! It is the same for Android and iOS powered devices so it is not the phone or operating system, so what can it be that is draining the battery life away? Well, it turns out to be the apps that are running on the device, first up is the camera and weather these are available on the device without downloading and yet the camera uses geolocation, which uses up battery power and like the camera the weather app will refresh each time there is a change of location!

Now let’s take a look at the apps that like to use your battery!

One surprise could be Carat, this is an app that helps you preserve battery power and yet it use too uses a location tracker. Facebook is one heavy user of battery power; this is because even when it is running in background it will often refresh and so each time it does a small chunk of the battery is used. When it comes to heavy users Maps such as Google will use the GPS to gather information on location, it is believed that ten minutes of use will eat up around 6 MB of data.

Skype will stay connected if the app is not closed down, so the easy solution would be to ensure that you sign out after every use. Like the other social media apps Twitter will refresh constantly, if it did not, just imagine the time it would take to get to the end of the timeline! The payment and restaurant search app Square Wallet, has a double dip on the battery power. First of all, it employs geo fencing to check locations like a map app and it is constantly updating too, which is a nightmare for your battery.

Finally, its free game apps! These are only free because the publishers sell advertising space in the form of pop ups and flash adverts, this is on top of powering those sophisticated graphics.

Source: Mashable


Facebook Make Video Viewing Easy With Auto Play!


Using Facebook on your Smartphone is as easy as anything, but when it comes to video content, it is not so smooth. However, Facebook have been on the case and have come up with a cool feature, Auto-Play! The video will be seen running in the mobile feed, but with no sound, which is fine. However once tapped the video will spring to life taking up the full screen with sound too. Of course, there is the potential for uses such as advertising.

According to an article on the Facebook Newsroom by project manager Kelly Mayes;

Today we’re starting to test an easier way to watch videos on Facebook. Now when you see a video in News Feed, it comes to life and starts playing. Videos initially play silently, and if you want you can tap to play with sound in full screen. Scroll past if you don’t want to watch.

Currently this feature is only available on videos that have been uploaded by users and not for brands just yet!

Source: Facebook Newsroom