Your Privacy Is Important! So #ResetTheNet

When civil liberty groups and tech based websites and organisations get together to form a partnership, people take notice and this is exactly what is going with the launch of Reset The Net! It’s a coalition created on the first… Continue Reading →

When Only Some Bolt Action Will Do!

Challenge The World On Trivia With QuizUp!

If you happen to turn on Daytime TV during the week, the chances are that you will see a quiz show! This is because proving how a smart you are when it comes to trivia has become very popular. In… Continue Reading →

Some Cool And Interesting Internet Stats!

It is funny how we use the internet everyday for more hours than we care to admit and yet it seems that there are still some staggering facts that we had no idea about. Here is a cool infographic on… Continue Reading →

Who Is The Boss Bing Or Google?

To many folks Google will always be the boss of the internet, but to others Bing is king! Which one do you choose? Source: Cubicle Bot  

Just An Average Guy In An Average Bedroom!

Do you ever wonder just who those folks are on the side of your computer monitor? Well, this guy probably thinks the same thing! Source: Daily Picks And Flicks  

Radio Is Re-imagined When Its The iTunes Radio!

  Apple have come good with the iTunes Radio, the streaming radio service that just happens to be the best price of all, free! With this feature on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV, there are… Continue Reading →

Apps That Suck The Life Out Of Your Battery!

  If you are anything like us in the office, you will wonder how your phone battery life runs down even when it is not in use! It is the same for Android and iOS powered devices so it is… Continue Reading →

Facebook Make Video Viewing Easy With Auto Play!

  Using Facebook on your Smartphone is as easy as anything, but when it comes to video content, it is not so smooth. However, Facebook have been on the case and have come up with a cool feature, Auto-Play! The… Continue Reading →

Coast The New iPad Browser From Opera!

  Opera have a new browser on the market, but this time it has been specifically designed for the iPad! That means for the iPad owner its chance to get their hands on a smart looking browser that has been… Continue Reading →

Qitah The Wireless Charger With Usability!

  While the idea of wireless charging sound like a great idea, when it comes to the practicalities it is not as easy as sounds because like regular charging the device is laid down flat. However, the Qitah wireless charger… Continue Reading →

Twitter Update Makes Conversations Easier To Find!

  The great thing about Twitter is the conversation, the trouble is that the more followers you have and the more people you follow the harder it is to join in the conversation because before you know it they have… Continue Reading →

Bunkr Could Give PowerPoint A Run For Its Money!

  It seems that we have been waiting for such a long time for a web based presentation software that can show PowerPoint what for, well it looks like that time may have come and Bunkr is the name. There… Continue Reading →

Like Chatting Online Then You Will love Chatwing!

  If you thought that chatting online was on school, then think again, because it is bigger than ever and with new platforms such as Chatwing, setting up a chat box for your website is very simple and more to… Continue Reading →

Evernote Upgrades Its Android App

The business app Evernote has been updated for Android users, it’s a free app that offers a whole host of features designed to help the user stay organised, which is essential these days with a lot of paperwork being generated… Continue Reading →

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