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    Star Wars Revisited

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    You can always tell when it has been far too long since the last Star Wars outing, when fans start to produce their own alternative versions of their favourite parts. Take this one, it covers the fight scene between Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Darth Maul (Ray Park) near the end… Read more »

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    The Walking Dead S2 Trailer

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    This is the first official trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead; it starts in the US this October! Unfortunately, there have not been any announcements as to when it will start in the UK, although I notice that FX is currently running a Coming Soon advert. Here is the trailer that starts… Read more »

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    The mobile camera balloon

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    Here is a design by Moonhwan Lee that is sort of science fiction as anyone from who has watched Stargate Universe will see. Because this is a drone that follows you around while you are visited a new place, taking images and even video as you go it could be the ultimate holiday reference for… Read more »

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    Video Chat with Facebook

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    Mark Zuckerberg announced that there would be an event this week and it comes in the shape of a partnership between Facebook and the video calling service Skype! This is going to work with the user of Facebook either signing up for account or registering their existing account so that it can be integrated into their… Read more »

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    Google+ For Business

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    Search giant Google have made it clear that they are working a solution to make the experience of the new network better for businesses to set up on and at the same time are encouraging businesses and brands to get in there and set up Google+ profiles. According to Google+ Product Manager and Start-Up owner… Read more »

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    The shape of things to come

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    It seems that we are moving towards a world where the robot will take on a bigger role in society; after all, we see them at work in factories and in other places too. but as this video shows just like all of the gadgets and technology that we use today software and batteries play… Read more »

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    The boomarang with built in camera

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    Here is a cool design for taking some seriously different camera shots, it is a modern designed boomerang so hopefully that would mean once it has been thrown it will come back and not just keep going into the distance. This is currently a concept from the pen of Sangyong Park, it takes the video… Read more »

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    The growth of online advertising

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    There was time when video advertising was just for the big boys, but with the growth in Smartphone and tablet use and the ability to produce cost effective video advertising there has never been a better time for the smaller business to get their products and services in front of a wide audience. In fact by… Read more »

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    UFO’s over London

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    This is the latest video to be posted on YouTube of UFO’s flying over the nation’s capital, you might say that is convenient that these guys had their cameras with them just at the right time, maybe they are tourists! So, what do you think? Is this some sort of hoax or the real thing;… Read more »

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    New Trailer for Gears of War 3

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    The final part of the Gears of War trilogy is due out on the 20th September, this may seem like an eternity for fans who are eagerly waiting for this game. However, there is nothing we can do about the release date; there is however, something else we can offer! This is cool video that… Read more »

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    UFO filmed over London during Royal Wedding

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    The Royal Wedding was the event of the year in London, but while most of the focus was on the wedding one tourist notice a strange shining light in the sky, luckily he was able to film the object for two and half minutes. According to the tourist who captured the craft on video, “First… Read more »

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    Mentos and Coke causes headaches

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    Most of us know that if you happen to slip a couple of Mentos mints into diet coke, then you are in trouble. So knowing this, why would you slip some Mentos into a two litre bottle of diet coke and screw the top down tightly? Well the answer is perfectly simple; it is to get… Read more »

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    Closer look at Dead Island

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    This game takes place in the holiday island of Banoi, it is in the Pacific and stop off for the cruise ship Royal Palms Resort. This where the rich like to go for their holidays, unfortunately on this occasion the island is suffering from the “Zombieland” illness! Now it is a battle for survival and… Read more »

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    How Mobile Phones are Made!

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    This is a video that initially appears to be fairly amusing, but the message that it tells is no laughing matter at all. How mobile phones are made. from Qais on Vimeo. Source [Neatorama]    

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    Rollerblader Activates Speed Camera at 40mph!

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    This is one of those stories that many people have been waiting for; it is where a speed camera snaps something other than a vehicle breaking the speed limit. So the thing is that here we have a twenty eight year old guy, Sam Tuffnell from Brighton, who is determined to activate the speed camera… Read more »