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    Best UFO Sighting So Far

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    When it comes to UFO sightings, it looks like Lake Erie, Ohio in the US is fast becoming the global hub for visiting unidentified flying objects, as this new footage shows. The video has been taken by UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill from the same region, who claims that this footage could be the best… Read more »

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    See the USS Enterprise in action

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    This is a great video that show the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 A in flight, just imagine what this would be like for real! Although this is obviously filmed in a pool the actually movement of the Enterprise is very impressive and there is no obvious means of propulsion either, so this is the Enterprise… Read more »

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    SIM’s do the Royal Wedding!

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    Didn’t quite make the guest list to the wedding of the decade and keen to imagine what you may be missing out on?  Check out the latest Sims-style parody video of the highly anticipated union of Prince William and Kate Middleton, featuring a very special performance by the Queen, Prince Harry (the little tyrant) and… Read more »

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    Got Portal2 Yet!

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    If you are in two minds as whether or not Portal2 from Valve is worth getting or not, then maybe this video will tempt you to go out and spend the thirty odd pounds on this brilliant game. Check out the video below, this is not your ordinary thirty second job, this covers the first… Read more »

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    Mario and Kong meet GTA

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    It seems such a long time since Mario had a make over; he seems to have been the same shape and form for a long time, apart from that live action movie that starred Bob Hoskins in the title role! However, what about this, Mario has been rebranded as a gangster boss in a new… Read more »

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    How about Segway Jousting!

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    This is as cool as it sounds, just look at the video of Segway Jousting, you will see what a great contest this would be, it could even have the potential to be in the Olympic Games! Funny enough this is an advert for the Washington Lottery and it proves what you can get up… Read more »

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    The Revenge of the Geek

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    If you are going to steal a laptop, you had better make sure that you know who you are dealing with, because you may think that you are a bit cool and in fact you may even want to make a song and dance of it, but don’t do it in front of the laptop… Read more »