Portable Gaming Heaven

On some occasions, we have no choice but to leave the games console, this can be for work, college or just a day out, but you always know that at some point in the day, you will back and that controller will be heating up once more. So what happens when you have to go […]

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Play 3D games on a 2D TV

It is amazing how 3D has taken off, but forget about movies for a minute because the big 3D issue is in the gaming arena, this is where 3D really comes into own, but there is the issue of cost. There is no doubt that 3D equipment is expensive, but for the gamer who wants to […]

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The First Video Games

If you were to ask people when the first video games came out the popular answers would be the late seventies or the early eighties, but it seems that despite all of the evidence pointing towards those dates they are in fact way off! It turns out that the first video game can actually be […]

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