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    Microsoft Previews The Wedge Touch Mouse

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    The new Wedge Touch Mouse from Microsoft, is a brilliant design that looks like it’s going to be easy to use and because there are no wires it is not going to get all tangled up either, which is a bonus. This has been designed with Windows 8 in mind, but that does not mean… Read more »

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    Solar Powered Keyboard From Logitech

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        Looking at this wireless keyboard you can see the similarities between this one and the smart looking aluminium keyboard that comes with the iMac. However, this keyboard is solar powered and it uses Bluetooth to connect to devices and therefore it will have profiles so that it can be used with a number of… Read more »

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    This Wallpaper Stops Wi-Fi Theft

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        If you are worried that one of your neighbours is piggy backing on the back of your wireless network, then changing your password regularly is essential! Alternatively, you might want to consider this anti wireless wallpaper, it has been specially developed to keep snoopers out and your network safe. Sure, it is a… Read more »

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    Free O2 Wi-Fi Available At Costa Coffee

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        The mobile phone provider O2 have struck a deal with the high street coffee chain Costa to provide its customers with free wireless broadband. This will mean that all Costa Coffee customers will be able to surf the net while drinking their Latte, regardless of which mobile provider they are currently using. All… Read more »

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    You Call That A Speaker – This Is a Speaker!

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        Jawbone are well known for creating some interesting designs that have a look all of their own. A while ago, they launched the Jambox portable sound system, but now they have come with the Big Jambox and yes, you have guessed it, this time are bigger; in fact, it is around twice the… Read more »

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    Wireless Charging In Cars Coming Soon

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          Next year the US based car maker Chrysler will be offering a cool new wireless charging system in the new Dodge Dart. It has been developed by the firms Mopar division and will eliminate the need for cables and cords from the cigarette lighter.   According to Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO… Read more »

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    Tiny Spy Cam With A Big View

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      As you can see from the main image, this spy camera is just slightly larger than the pound coin and yet it offers two hours of power from a standard battery and it can be accessed wirelessly from laptop or Smartphone running the Smart i app from the App Store. Here are the specs… Read more »

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    Windows 8 Will Reconnect To Wireless Instantly

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      As we get closer to the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, we are getting little snippets of information, such as a post on the Building Windows 8 blog regarding wireless network optimization. It seems that the Microsoft team believe that a device running Windows 8 will be able to connect so fast… Read more »

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    Feedair Hopes To Crack The Notification Market

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      This is a brand new device called Feedair, it is a new start up that hopes to grab the notification market and shake it up a little. However, this has always been a tough market and Feedair is following in some verge large footsteps, such as Microsoft. However, maybe it is going to take… Read more »

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    Samsung Looks To Ban The iPhone 4S

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    It may only be a couple after the launch of the iPhone 4S by Apple, but already the Samsung legal have been filling lawsuits in Europe in an attempt to ban the device from going on sale! The issue is over the use of wireless technology and the ability to transfer data via 3G, Samsung… Read more »

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    Philips Fidelio Wireless speaker with AirPlay

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    What better way is there than to listen to music through a very stylish speaker system! Not only that but a wireless speaker system, which at the same time looks cool too! Well that is what this Philips system is. The system is called the Fidelio Wireless speaker with AirPlay, which allows the user to… Read more »

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    Apple work on new charging system

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    By now most of us know that Apple will be releasing a new version of the iPhone next year, but it seems that they are also looking into a new way of charging the device too! Naturally, the whole idea is under wraps, but it is believed that the new system will use some sort… Read more »

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    This mouse ring is Genius

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    Using a netbook while travelling has just easier with this clever little device that fits over the users finger like a ring, but with a little bit of practice it becomes a fully functional computer mouse, ideal for netbooks. The mouse has all of the features that you would expect from a wireless mouse, it… Read more »

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    Wireless and shake proof headphones

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    Forget about connecting your music player with cable that runs down to inside of your shirt, this is the Freedom Bluetooth connected headset, these are connected with a cable between the buds only, and so there are no mishaps with the cable pulling at the music player or your ears! These were first seen at… Read more »

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    Wi-Fi slows speed by 40%

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    With all the talk in media about broadband being mainly about speed, it has come to light that the customers who use a wireless connection could be losing around thirty to forty per cent of their connection speed. This has become known following the results of a European wide survey of fourteen thousand broadband users… Read more »